Neha Mishra
Neha Mishra
Chief Technical Officer

Aero Consultant


Neha has worked in diverse fields of aviation maintenance, aircraft leasing and airlines. She has done research on aviation finance and the impacts of different world scenarios on aviation finance. She is the founder of Aero Consultant Group, which helps lessors and investors in the transition of aircraft and recover their assets in a crisis situation. Aero Consultant has various digital products to help leasing companies and airlines during the lifecycle of aircraft. She has more than 15 years of experience in the aircraft leasing industry and in-depth experience in dealing with distressed assets.

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Rising interest rates have led to increased debt costs for asset managers looking to grow their fleets either via the SLB or trading market.

  • Global investor trends: which assets, sectors and geographies are investors deploying capital in 2023 vs 2022?
  • What aviation debt and equity opportunities are appealing to investors today? How can more capital be drawn to the sector?
  • Where is airline EETC paper trading? Where can investors get the best value from both micro and macro bases?
  • Has there been much private investment intro distressed aviation credits?
  • Where are we seeing most recent investor activity: purchasing and financing, or aircraft maintenance?
  • Are increasing debt costs forcing investors towards certain opportunities? How has investor behaviour changed in light of recent rate hikes?
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Partner, World Star Aviation
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Neha Mishra
Chief Technical Officer, Aero Consultant
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