Aileen McElroy
Aileen McElroy
Director, Structuring & Planning

Zephyrus Aviation Capital

United States

Aileen McElroy is the Director of Structuring & Planning at Zephyrus Aviation Capital.

Ms. McElroy has over ten years' experience in the aircraft lease and finance sector. She previously served as Director of Financial Services with Canyon CTS where she was actively involved in establishing and managing a broad range of services to multiple aviation structures. Throughout her career, Ms. McElroy has worked closely with airlines, lessors, investment managers and private equity funds.

Ms. McElroy has developed a wide range of knowledge throughout her time in the changing environment of aviation financial services. She has been involved in the set-up of multi-jurisdictional ABS facilities, joint venture fund platforms, warehouse debt-financing facilities, and pre-delivery payment financing transactions to single entity asset owning vehicles. Within each of the structures, Ms. McElroy was involved in the establishment and full service of the platform in Ireland.

In addition, Ms. McElroy has extensive experience as a director, having served on the board of the Irish operations for several international aviation entities. Her knowledge and experience span from corporate, legal, transaction and governance issues to management and employment matters.

Ms. McElroy is a graduate of the University of Wales and holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB). She also received a Diploma in Aircraft Leasing and Financing from the Law Society of Ireland.

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  • What ABS alternatives are potential issuers considering?
  • Will there be a rush to the private market?
  • What is going to happen to the backlog of warehouses needing to be refinanced?
  • Will we see more public or private placements?
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